Life is simpler here


On the outskirts of the Mediterranean Sea lies the island of Corsica, a sanctuary of beauty, nestled between picturesque mountainsides, plunging cliffs and sprawling meadows. Life is simpler here. Effortless, even.

From its fresh, revitalizing ocean spray, to its rich, earthy notes, to its delicate, sweet blossoms, Corsica’s natural elements abound for every scent you seek, and calm, quench and remedy the body and mind, alike.

Explore Corsica Scents and discover a luxurious, all-natural skincare routine that is beautifully bare.


Each of Corsica’s all-natural ingredients are sourced through safe, clean, ethical practices.
Be at peace knowing our hand-crafted Lotion Bars, Lips Balms and Soaps are always beautifully bare.

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