The Biggest Skin News & Skinovations for 2024

The Biggest Skin News & Skinovations for 2024

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If you started the new year with resolutions about taking better care of yourself and your skin, beauty expert Cheryl Kramer Kaye can help you make them come true, with the biggest skin news and skin-o-vations for 2024.

Shimmer and glow with a hydrating body bar.

  • Give your skin a gorgeous shimmer and sheen with Pixie solid lotion bars from Corsica, a women-owned, clean beauty brand. They use sustainably sourced, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory babassu-oil that’s studded with flecked mica, so they mimic glitter, with zero microplastics. They also have a gorgeous, subtle apricot and orange scent from natural essential oils. Pixie comes in four colors: gold, silver, pink, and teal, and you can wear them on your shoulders, your arms and legs, your face, anywhere you want people to look. They’re also travel-friendly and come in upcycled packaging. You can find them at at boutique retailers and