Lotion Bar Usage

What is a lotion bar?

I love our lotion bars. 

We all know that moisturizing is good for the skin, but creams and lotions can be messy.

One of the great things about our twist-up lotion bars is that they are no mess. 

You can use our lotion bars where you need it from head to toe and never have to get your fingers greasy. 

Our lotion bars are solid but glide easily over the skin because of the melting point of the babassu oil, one of our main ingredients.

They are easy to travel with, and, being a solid, they go easily through TSA - just pop in your bag and go. 

It’s definitely skincare simplified because one lotion bar can be used for keeping eyebrows in place, taming beards and fly-away hairs, soothing cuticles, heels, for use instead of face cream, and of course all over the body. 

If you wash your hands frequently, these lotion bars are for you, The filtered beeswax helps to retain the moisture from our ingredients in your skin. There is no water in this product and they are antibacterial. 

These bars work to protect your skin from wind and cold in winter and nourish your skin all year with anti-aging properties.

For people with skin conditions, our lotion bars can also offer some relief. The babassu oil is used in South America for skin conditions, irritations, and wound care.