Product Developer & Medical Consultant


Dr. Rob Schroeder is the developer of Corsica Sport CBD Muscle Rub and Anti-Chafe Bar. He is the President and CEO of Indy Health and Fitness, a multi-service sports performance and rehabilitation center in Indianapolis, Indiana which serves as a staple for athletic development at all levels. His Chiropractic practice consists of some of the most recognizable names in professional athletics, including football, golf, motorsports, and endurance and action sports – all of which require athletes to subject their skin to intense natural elements. Through this work, Dr. Schroeder saw the need for a highly-effective, all-natural, mess-free application for health and wellness compounds that prevent injury, support recovery, and aid in overall lifestyle and performance. Hence, Corsica Sport was born.

Dr. Schroeder has also developed his own proprietary supplement line for his patients, has been on the development team of several different muscle creams, and is partner of a CBD development team. He is also President of Innate Sleep Orthopedic Sleep Systems where he designed the premier orthopedic mattress in the industry. Dr. Schroeder serves on many advisory and executive boards, is a sought-after speaker, and has published several trade articles.

Dr. Schroeder earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and a Chiropractic Doctorate from Palmer-West, with Masters level work in exercise Physiology. He lives in Indianapolis with his family and enjoys traveling for business and pleasure.