President & Co-Owner


Jane Bready is President and Co-Owner of Corsica Scents and Corsica Sport. Born and raised in Australia, Jane grew up in a place and time where the sun was relentless and hot, and the only real skin protection was limited to zinc oxide. A bit of a wanderlust, Jane has traveled the world and called three continents home.

Along the way, her travels fueled her desire to find a simple skin care routine that was packable and easy to travel with. It was on her trip to Corsica that her passion was piqued for all-natural beauty and remedies. There, she learned about the rich pollination of its native bees and the harvesting of essential oils from its extensive wildflowers with varieties that are unique to anywhere in the world. The oils not only supplied some of the finest perfumeries in France, they also carried all-natural remedies for many ailments.

An artist by training, Jane’s paintings have been commissioned by Formula 1 and NASCAR, which have required excess time at the racetrack and caused her continued sun exposure throughout the course of her career. Having subjected her skin to the elements for many years with inadequate options for all-natural, nourishing beauty and skincare, Jane saw the need firsthand and began to consider how she could help fill the void.

As she aged, Jane grew frustrated with the limited options for natural beauty, and rather, that many lines encouraged heavier makeup to mask the signs of aging, instead of refining and improving their products to enhance and support natural beauty. That’s when Jane set out on her next adventure – creating luxurious skincare and beauty for men and women of all ages.

Since its roots at local farmer’s markets, Jane has grown the Corsica brand into an internationally praised clean beauty staple. She enjoys connecting with merchants and customers from all corners of the globe to ensure Corsica continues to source the finest ingredients on Earth and support its customers’ all-natural skincare needs.

Alongside family and friends, Jane can be found hand-crafting Corsica products and dreaming up new, beautifully bare products. She now resides in Indiana and enjoys traveling the world to continue curating her collection of priceless memories in new exotic destinations.